About Me

My background is in both Art and Computer Programming.
For me, these careers have tended to be separate, as has my concept of them.
Recently, they finally came together ( must have been a mid-life crisis, or something like that ).

Most people think that the mind, because it has two sides ( right for creativity, and left for logic ), tends to process information separately in each compartment. I have never believed this. It is imposible to solve problems in either purely the abstract or concrete; both sides must work together. Michelangelo referred to the creative process as the ‘hand of God”, believing as Thomas Acquinas that man was incapable of creativity, as only God could create. To believe otherwise was blasphemy.

The Creative Programmer grows out of this life-long belief in the dual combined nature of the brain. If we can harness the essence of each side of the brain, we can extend the power of each individual side, and therfore the brain as a composite power house.
Therefore, I will discuss programming activilites as they relate to creativity.

Because, I am a hands-on programmer, and I architect, I will tend mostly focus on the mechanics ( or craft of programmng ), and the artistic process that the masters to create complex works of art.

How did Michelangelo manage to create such large works of art, when teams cannot create large software solutions? Is it just an issue of team size, or the actual approach taken? The artistic approach to scaling systems goes back before the Egyptians. Since they lacked Microsoft Project, how could they possibly do it? What was the magic trick? That is what I want to focus on ( or more correctly, that is on what I want to focus ).


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